Our top tips for proofreading your content!

Here at Greyhive, all our client’s content from Press Releases, Blogs, Newsletters, Case Studies and more is monitored by our Content Creator!

Our top tips for proofreading your content!

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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Here at Greyhive, all our client’s content from Press Releases, Blogs, Newsletters, Case Studies and more is monitored by our Content Creator! It’s always important that the quality of work is of the highest standard. When there are spelling or grammatical errors it can make your work look sloppy and rushed, so we thought we would share a few of our top proofreading tips:

Read Backwards

This is more effective than you think! Your brain automatically fills in sentences and corrects words that are spelt wrong. By reading it backwards you aren’t looking for sentence structure and will be able to spot spelling mistakes and any words that have been added twice. Try doing this with the sentence below, did it help you pull out the mistakes?

The quick brownn fox jmups over the the lazy dog.

Read Out Loud

By reading out loud, you will be able to see how long a sentence is and you will spot those punctuation and grammatical errors. Take yourself away to a quiet area of work where you can hear yourself speak but aren’t interrupting anyone else.

Take a break

There’s nothing worse than fixating on written content for too long, by doing this you will miss errors, causing frustration for both you and your clients. Whether you sleep on it and read over it again the next day, or take a tea break, you should always come back to work as you will inevitably spot an error you wouldn’t have done before. 

Share amongst your team

There really is no ‘I’ in team! Even after checking your work over, you should get a friend or team member to proofread your work. You will be amazed at the mistakes you have missed and by using a second person they will be able to evaluate whether your written content makes sense.

Final Thoughts…

We know that you’re only human and errors can occur, but to create a lasting and professional impression, then you have to get rid of as many errors as possible. By making a conscious effort to proofread, you are saving yourself time as it means you won’t be emailing back and forth correcting errors.

We hope our tips are as helpful to you as they are to us!