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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most popular. If you want to know more or have another question, please contact a member of our team today.

Several variables affect our ability to convert leads. Once we’ve spoken to you and determined certain criteria, we can give you a fixed price per lead.

This is a bespoke dashboard you can access securely via your browser. It’s plugged directly into our system so that you can access live data by the minute.

Email marketing, Social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and offline marketing. It is essentially an outsourced marketing team function.

"Quality" varies from client to client. However, as a backstop we define it as a lead that confirms to have a meeting because they have confirmed interest in you.

Once we’ve determined our ability to convert leads for your business, we will offer you a contractual guarantee on the minimum number of monthly leads.

On-boarding a new client requires a significant initial resource, from sourcing quality data, to planning the strategy. This fee covers that initial cost.

Our unique algorithm which monitors the internet for people that are actively searching for your services, and the frequency and strength of these searches.

This is our unique tracking code which we plug into your website. It allows us to see what companies are visiting your website and how they interact with it.