Top Tips for SEO-focussed Blog Writing

Blog writing is something that is often misunderstood. Yes, it’s a way to engage with your audience regularly, but it is also useful for SEO.

Top Tips for SEO-focussed Blog Writing

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Blog writing is something that is often misunderstood. 

Yes, it’s a way to engage with your audience regularly, let them know what you’ve been up to and share important events. There are few better places to subtly brag about your business’s achievements and illustrate your subject knowledge. 

However, the content on your blog page is working hard on your behalf, supporting your SEO strategy, keeping your content fresh and driving valuable traffic to your website.

What does a top class, SEO-boosting, lead-driving blog post look like?

As the marketing agency of choice for clients who want to get the most from their blog writing investment, it’s a question we are often asked. Here are a few valuable tips we’re happy to share.

To realise its full potential, great blog content should be:-

1. Well-written

If writing isn’t your thing or punctuation and grammar elevate your stress levels, then let someone else actually write (or at least proofread) your blog, but make sure the content is coming from someone who knows the subject or has undertaken deep research. If the blog is to be of any value, the facts need to be correct and thoughts, opinions and guidance must come from a position of experience


Your content needs to be exciting and engaging, but if it’s not going to achieve the SEO boost you want, it will miss a crucial goal. We’ve all witnessed poorly written blogs that have chosen SEO and cramming in keywords over making any sense. Still, it’s perfectly possible to write a good piece of content and include multiple keywords and keyword phrases. There’s a balance to be found, and it’s worth taking the time to do it properly.

3. Of value

Think specifically about what you are offering your audience to make them stay on your site (and at the same time convince Google of your authority). Are you answering their questions or addressing their pain points? Suppose you want someone to do something for you (i.e. read your blog). In that case, they’re going to expect a reward of some kind, and your blog should therefore offer them added value, be it a time-saving tip, facts to impress their friends and colleagues or a solution for a pressing problem they have. 

4. Focussed

Opinion pieces are one thing, simply giving your opinion is another – don’t write an essay solely about what your thoughts are and certainly avoid having a monologue-style rant at all costs! There’s no problem in having an opinion on something, especially if it is within your area of expertise, and it’s a great way to showcase your knowledge and experience but think more ‘thought leadership’ than ‘thought download’. When you offer advice or tips, make sure they are practical and actionable and stay true to what you’ve specifically mentioned in your blog title.

5. Relevant

It's not only your audience who likes relevant copy; Google recognises and rewards it too. We’re not saying you have to choose a breaking news headline and conjure up a tenuous story around it, just keep abreast of new developments in your industry (you can even set up online alerts to be notified of these). By doing this, you can show that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to relevant or important matters to your target market right now.

6. Lead-generating

In the digital marketing world, every piece of content is a sales opportunity. Regardless of the topic or style of the blog you are writing, there’s always a place for a call to action. Having illustrated the wealth and depth of knowledge you have, it seems only fair – even polite – to offer to share more. Invite the reader to engage with you and benefit from your wisdom or discover the solutions you have which might change their lives!

7. Inviting

There are no hard and fast rules on the format of your blog; it’s primarily dependent on the subject matter and type of blog you are writing. Whether in paragraphs, bullet points or numbered sections, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, your title needs to be catchy. Otherwise, there’ll be no audience to wow secondly, remember that a text-heavy piece can be a chore to read. Sub-headings, quotes, infographics etc., will make it appeal to more elements of your audience, keep them engaged and keep them on your website.

Following these tips will get you off to a great start with blog writing (in fact, any form of SEO content writing), but the team at Greyhive are on hand to assist if you need further support or want us to write some value-added copy for you.  

However you produce it, just remember that a great SEO-focussed blog is valuable, so share it and fully utilise it within your broader online marketing strategy.