Why outsource your marketing?

Small-medium size businesses will eventually find themselves at a point in their development where they now stand at a crossroad

Why outsource your marketing?

Small-medium size businesses will eventually find themselves at a point in their development where they now stand at a crossroad; shall we invest in a new department to handle our marketing? Would it be best to hire in a brand-new marketing manager? Would using a freelancer be better? Or do we take the journey with an agency? Greyhive understands that resources and budget for marketing activity can be limited, so the choice you make needs to be the right one for you and your existing employees! One thing’s for certain, you need someone skilled enough to take this burden off your hands.

Here’s Greyhive’s 6 reasons why you should choose to work with an agency!

1. Money Money Money!

The cost of hiring a brand-new in-house marketing manager will more or less equate to the monthly cost of working with an entire team of professional and experienced executives and managers at an agency! Which leads nicely on to…

2. No need for training!

You will save an extraordinary amount of money, time and resources on training! If you are planning on bringing someone new inhouse there will be recruitment costs, onboarding processes, mentoring, and not to mention the time spent drawing up a job spec of responsibilities. By choosing to work with a marketing agency, you are getting the finished product of trained motivated professionals who are ready to roll.

3. You’ll give your staff a well-deserved break!

Your existing staff have probably been having to deal with the company’s marketing with little to no direction if that’s not the role they were hired into! You’re likely to find that once you allow an agency to become your marketing department, the current employees will have a sense of relief and become far more productive in the long run.

4. “Can we get some perspective in here?”

Agencies can provide an outside perspective on your business that you might not realise! It’s really hard to see the woods for the trees when... well... you are the woods! Allow a team of professionals at an agency to take on the role of your target audience to see if your goals are being achieved. (Greyhive does this by going through a Discovery Meeting process to really find out about a new client!)

5. We will make you relatable!

Agencies can cut through your industry jargon! If you are talking to other professional whizz kids about your beloved industry all day long, you’ll start to believe that everyone is as knowledgeable as you on the subject; “What do you mean you don’t know the importance of SEO, Carol?”

An agency can simplify your services and market them to the masses.

6. Knowledgeable!

An agency needs to stay top of its game to provide the best services possible for its client. Therefore, you’ll find the team will know all about the current trends, latest technology and potential pain points for your business before you even realise they’re coming! Trust us, this is what we do day in, day out - we are experts in this ?

If you think we might be onto something and would like to find out a little more, do not hesitate to give us a call on for a catch up! We can give you some more information, so you can decide if an agency like Greyhive would be right for you.