57% increase in footfall

"The fact that they actually care about our business makes them indispensable to us. They have been with us since the beginning, and every new site we open in the UK gets excellent local exposure and immediate footfall from their know-how."

Jarmo Kesanto, Partner
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The company 24 Laundromat, which originates from Finland and currently has more than 20 locations in their home country, made the strategic decision to expand into the UK market with their innovative and contemporary laundromat concept. To facilitate their entry into the UK market, we conducted in-depth market research, connected them with potential partners in the UK, and formulated a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to their needs.

Since its expansion, 24 Laundromat has established 5 locations across the UK and has been catering to a customer base of over 1000 individuals on a weekly basis. Our services for 24 Laundromat encompass a wide array of support including social media management, ensuring the creation of captivating and engaging content to captivate their audience, as well as providing SEO services to boost their visibility on search networks such as Google and Google Maps within their local markets.

Additionally, we extend our assistance to them in offline capacities, be it through signage, outdoor advertising, or coverage in the local press. Crucially, we continuously review and adapt our local campaigns to address challenges such as seasonality, with the primary objective of maintaining consistently high foot traffic for their business.

increase in website traffic
increase in social engagement
years working together
Performance statistics are based on the last 12 months of trading.

Further Expansion

Four new locations are planned for the remainder of 2024 following healthy and consistent revenue growth over the last three years.