34% increase in lead gen

"Other marketing agencies expected us to tell them what to do each month which didn't work for us. We are engineers, and we are busy! So strategic expertise is essential to us. Greyhive advises us on what we need to do, what our competition is doing and where the revenue opportunities are. They make themselves an invaluable partner."

Phil Tetlow, Sales Director
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We have worked with System Hygienics for several years, but recently, we significantly ramped up our efforts to support their drive for further growth.

As part of this effort, we have achieved many things, namely the following:

SEO – System Hygienics are now on page one of Google for several of the key services and the BS / BESA Regs that relate to these services. This is a huge achievement considering their relative size compared to other FM companies in the market and has indirectly supported their success in a number of tenders

Sales – We developed a bespoke Sales CRM solution for their Field Sales Execs, which allowed them to easily identify repeat business opportunities that were otherwise difficult to identify using their existing software and processes

Marketing – We enhanced the social media to incorporate video, TikTok and engaged the staff to contribute content which has driven significant increase in engagement

CRM – Regular engagement with their existing clients via email comms as well as the sourcing of targeted leads via lead intelligence software to ensure new business is being acquired as well as the re-contracting of existing business.

increase in website traffic
increase in social engagement
years working together
Performance statistics are based on the last 12 months of trading.

Further advancements

Looking forward into 2025, we have further enhancements to automation of sales and marketing processes as well as potential revenue opportunities to explore.