17% increase In occupancy

"Since bringing on Greyhive, we've been able to attract a wider audience, which has been crucial for our challenging periods, which are always mid-week and Winter bookings. We are now able to continue with our plans to expand the hotel in 2025".

Imogen Hume, General Manager
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Bowers Mill is a boutique luxury hotel based at the gateway to the Peak District in West Yorkshire. The property struggled to bounce back after COVID and reached out to Greyhive because they had learnt of the success we have had with other similar boutique properties in filling mid-week and low-season occupancy.

Initially, we worked closely with them to improve their competitor reporting so they could understand who their market was and help us identify some low-hanging fruit. Following this, we could revise their proposition for the market and reach a much wider audience through direct, digital, and social media marketing.

We started by redeveloping their website and ensuring that all of the value this property had to offer was clearly communicated. We also commissioned photography and videography for the property. In addition to their own website, they needed support with all of their digital touchpoints, so we helped them set these up and maintain them for maximum exposure.

We then captured a lot of social media content and used this to maximise their engagement across all social media platforms, including TikTok. We leveraged SEO from the new website to significantly increase their visibility on Google Maps. Through our PR efforts, we were able to attract known celebrities to stay and promote the property via their social media channels.

increase in website traffic
increase in social engagement
years working together
Performance statistics are based on the last 12 months of trading.

Looking to 2025

Following our last quarterly meeting in mid 2024, Bowers Mill is now taking steps to expand the property to double their current inventory of rooms.