Search Engine Optimisation

All marketing agencies offer this? The difference is in 2024, we are the only one that will guarantee top positions on major search engines.

Software showing the architecture of a complex website and it's indexabilityPosition tracking for keyword phrases that are important to a specific UK client
Website technical report to show a UK client website's errors in crawler readability
Guaranteed page 1

What our SEO service includes

More information on our guarantee can be found on our pricing page.

New website

We build a new website which will look identical to your existing website unless you want updates.

Strategic planning

We work with you to identify all of the pertinent keywords that are relevant to you and will drive the results you need.

Monitoring and reporting

We are constantly monitoring and reporting on your news website and tracking the individual keywords which are reported on monthly.

The SEO Package

Although we are based in the East Midlands, we can offer this for any company based in the UK. However we can only work with one company per industry due to conflict of interest. For more information on the actual guarantee visit our pricing page via the link below.