Email marketing

We can help you to fully leverage your existing client base and convert potential prospects through smart email marketing and data collection techniques.

Email marketing dashboard showing statistics from latest campaignBespoke form creation for data gathering for a client website
An example of an email automation built for a client to send a multiple number of emails
Activate and reactivate

What email marketing services are included?

Email marketing is very powerful when deployed with the right strategy and software to support maximum delivery and engagement.


We create all written content and graphic required to generate captivating and engaging campaigns.


We build in automation to ensure your brand is engaged with and at front of mind for your target.

Data collection

We direct your audience todata collection points that minimise dropout and maximise data acquisition.

The Marketing Package

Our marketing package includes email marketing and all of our other marketing services for a 20% discount. Ensuring all of your marketing requirements are fully covered.